September 12, 2012

Road Trip and Birthday Party Planning Part 2.

The time came for us to take our nice long long long road trip to NYC. I packed my car and off we went..I was so excited because I have not seen my family in a year and planning Amalias birthday party and getting to see so many friends and family I had a ball of excitement in my stomach..I made sure I packed fun activities for the kids... I packed flash cards, coloring book with crayons, books and my Ipad where they can watch movies..and to my surprise my kids rocked..There were so well behaved. I packed food to eat, packed, crackers, cheese, coldcuts, cereals, homemade food that was able to be eaten at room temperature and a cooler full of water, juice and yogurt. We embarked at 12:26 midnight grabbed my thermo of fresh coffee and played some music and off we went. One of the coolest thing about roadtrip is being able to see the sunrise and sunset it something about such setting that makes me feel alive and blessed. Once we arrive North Carolina it is a tradition of ours to have a hearty delicious breakfast at Crack and Barrel..I love there pancakes, I have tried to mimick it and I have failed. I can eat there pancakes all day! Ok, back to the trip.. Amalia liked their grits and Ethan well he had a bit of our breakfast plate, some of pancake, some steak, eggs, hashbrowns and biscuit.. Yummy..

After a delicious breakfast..back to the car to continue our road trip. Seven hours straight of driving we decided to stop at a rest area and sleep for a while because we were all tired.  We did not sleep much it was just an hour to two hours because we just wanted to arrive already...We drove and drove and stopped and rested and drove until we saw the destination sign: Welcome to New York and it felt like we drank 5 cans of Redbull because we were all so energetic and the adrenaline kicked in and I was able to feel the New York Life Style...seeing people with their fashion statement, I can imagine someone selling something in the corner, the cars honking, the lights at nights, I felt ALIVE! We drove through the Holland Tunnel and
like Emeril Lagasse says "BAM" we are in the heart of NYC...


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