September 12, 2012

A family Reunion

Once we arrived in NYC we headed to time sqaure just to soak up the livelihood and energetic feeling New Yorker have. The air had a mix of different ethnic food that made you hungry even if you were not hungry. We were headed to my hometown BROOKLYN... We arrived and the hugs of my parents felt so good and to see their smile was priceless. Amalia well what can I say she is princess that celebrates everything in Life..she applauded, blew kisses and put on that big smile that only she knows how to. My parents did not know how to share Amalia and Ethan they were switching babies like they were playing musical chair. Hugging them and kissing them since it has been a year since we all saw each other. My father had me sit in his lap as If I was the four year old little girl, but now that I am a mother I understand him;  our children will always be our little ones and never to old to sit in our lap. He kept givng me compliment that I looked so beautiful.
Amalia and Grandma (My mother)

A couple of hour later my sister, niece, nephew and brother came by my mothers house and the fun begins. My sister never changes she is the little sister that will always dig in your luggage, closet , drawer just to see what might fit her and try it on and persaude me on why it looks better on we did what we always did when we get together get dressed up and strike a pose.....We went to my moms room and put on dads hats.

The Family pictures and my dad funny face.

I was observing every little corner of my house because everyroom has a memory. I just stare and my mind goes back to that time giving me a bittersweet feeling because as much as I love my family, I have one of my own to make memories with. Love you guys and miss you dearly!

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