September 18, 2012

Butterfly Garden Birthday Party.

Dear Amalia;
    On Sept 2, 2012 we will celebrate your Big 2nd Birthday. We are going to celebrate it in New York City at grandma's house. It is a big deal for me to celebrate your birthday because we did not celebrate your first birthday since you had open heart surgery and eye surgery. That is why we wanted to make your Second birthday special and decided to take a road trip to New York to be around family and friends who wanted to meet you. I decided to go with the theme of Garden Butterfly because you are my butterfly princess, everyday you blossom and show me that you can fly with time. Your smile is like a garden of beautiful flowers its vibrant and colorful. I wanted you to wear a beautiful dress but a dress with meaning, therefore I decided to do it myself and because you do not like hats I designed and created your hair birthday fascinator.  I wanted every little girl to feel like butterflies so I bought butterfly wings and for the boys I created frog sun visors. I wanted your birthday table to have little butterflies and frogs with delicious goodies. I made sure you had a pinata and I was so lucky to find a butterfly pinata. Your food menu consist of lasagna made by me, baked ziti made by your aunt Yliana, some delicious rice with vegetables, rice with green pigeon, Shepard's pie made by Margaret, potato salad with carrots made by your great aunt Rosa, green salad, roasted chicken made by your aunt Yolanda, pork roast made by grandma, chicken stew made by grandma, Italian bread everything was so good...Your favorite was lasagna! We also had a table with all kinds of cookies and raspberry M& M, skittles and cake pom pom made by Karen La Paz.  What about your cake? your cake was unbelievable beautiful Karen La Paz made your cake it was so beautiful and soooo delicious..the filling was Guayaba..Karen said it was her first time creating a Guayaba cake filling and it was soooooo gooood.  She did an amazing amazing job. She decorated just like the theme. We had balloons and some pink, green and white tissue pompom that I also made as part of your decorations. Your cake table was decor with a pink ruffle skirt on top of a white table cloth with white tulle adorned around with butterflies pin in the center and on the two ends of the table. On the top of the table there was a pink lantern, pink, green stripped fun straws and the frog sun visors for the boys. I also placed your butterfly wings on the table. You looked so beautiful and you enjoyed every ones company...Everyone was smitten with you but after a while you became tired and went to sleep; no worries everyone had an amazing time.

It was time to try the dress on..and you looked so beautiful.

Since your birthday was a Garden Butterfly theme your ensemble was not complete without the wings.

The Front View

The Back View

Everything looked so festive.

The cake that Karen made for you.

Beautiful tissue flower handmade by Margaret's mother

Food description tags.Thanks to Margaret for creating them

Boys frog sun visor

because its cute to have a pink lantern.

 A party would not be complete with out games. I wanted a "pin the butterfly on the flower" kind of game, however I did not find one. My awesome friend Margaret created such a beautiful "pin the butterfly on the flower" and she also created for the boys "pin the frog on the Lilly pond." The kids had an amazing time, sadly I was so involve with the game that I did not take pictures.

                                                              "Pin the butterfly on the flower"

This is some of the wonderful family friend who attender your birthday party and who love you so very very much.

Butterfly girls

Big brother Ethan wearing the froggy visors

Butterfly Sophie

Butterfly Katherine and Ava with their parent.
Pinata Time

Everyone had such a great time. We could not sing Happy Birthday because you fell asleep but we definitely had a great time.

Happy Birthday my beautiful butterfly!

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  1. I love my daughter and this was a great party good job thank you...