July 18, 2012

Long Over Due

Last month some family came from up north and I could not be more excited...Just the thought of my children having fun with their cousins, aunts and uncle made me all giddy inside..it meant making memories. It was their first time in Florida and they had in mind the theme parks and beach they wanted to attend. The weather cooperated...the weather promised a nice week of high 90'S..woohooo!!!  The first day they came early..I made a delicious breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, fruit, waffle topped with powdered sugars, coffee and orange juice....after breakfast a quick tour of Downtown Disney and Orlando...we then ate dinner at Buffalo Wings....and once we came home we play WII and dance our way to sleep...Woke up early the next day..tune in the weather channel and a promising of high 95 we headed the Aquatica the water park theme....Eat breakfast...packed coolers...put a TON of sunscreen on...put on our bathing suits and out the door...We arrived at ten in the morning and the place was packed....once we all went and found the perfect spot to drop off all of our belonging...the kids dodged to the water and the adult follow.....had a great time and we did not leave until the park closed at seven o'clock the kids were all tired but you can tell they had an awesome time...The next day it was a  trip to Lego Land...Such a beautiful colorful park...do not know who had more fun the kids or the adults, the night ended with a nice meal at Olive Garden..... The next day was beach day....they headed to Clear Water beach and  I stood home with the princess since I was not feeling well at all.....but managed to cook a nice home made meal since I have been wanting to cook for my guest.... The next day agenda Sea World...Ethan's favorite place....He was told that morning we were going to Sea World, he looked for his shamu the whale plush toy and out the door we went.......It was a great week....the next day they were headed back up north...as we departed we hugged each other with tears in our eyes......and we thank each other for everything....I wished them a safe blessed trip and until next time.....

The above picture...Grand Central New York...a little bit of home in the state of Florida..made out of Lego's.