June 3, 2012

Siblings are the best teachers....

I decided to get Amalia more therapy because well she was a bit behind.....She has an excellent ITDS (Infant Toddler Development Specialist), but Amalia needed extra push...She is know taking seven hours of therapy during the week and WOW...it is working....little diva can hold her sitting positions for an hour and half...she is starting to get on four points (crawling positions) and she crawls backwards...not all the time but girlfriend moves, and pivots like a champion...I always knew physically Amalia would do well...but for Occupational Therapy that is another story......SHE DOES NOT LIKE TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO...she tries to do everything else besides "work"...she pouts, she plays peek-a-boo, she even shows her outfit of the day to Margarita, her Occupational Therapist...she even does the blank stare that says "are you talking to me?"....but she does not like to take the blocks and place it in the bucket......I decided to buy the exact same block, to practice at home and she does not like it.....until her big brother came into the picture...Ethan delicately sat in front of her, took her hand and told her "Amalia take the block and put inside bucket.." my heart melted. I just stared and was amazed that with a couple of practice Amalia was able to take two blocks and place it in the bucket all by herself. Ethan sure praised her with the big brother hug....He feels so proud of teaching her that he even teaches her how to play with a toy piano. Although she gets all seven hour of therapy during the week, she rather learn from her big brother.



  1. aaww this is so cute prima...i smile all the way to the end. they both are beautiful kids..

    1. Thank You so much...yeah, they are kind of cute..Hahahah

  2. This is beautiful! I love the sibling love :).