June 8, 2012

Let's get physical..physical.....

The other day I had to drive in the rainy weather to see an orthopedic for Amalia. Amalia's ankle bows slightly and in order to improve this "pronation" an orthopedic shoe inserts will help her correct the bow of the ankle when she begins to stand.  All the clinics that I have attended in Florida always have a corner or a room full of toys.

Thirty minute in the waiting area and we were called in. The specialist sat her on a red cushion seat and measure her cute pudgy feet. He advice that she will be getting the Chipmunk shoe insert but she needs to wear high top sneakers ( boooo) but its ok..she is still cute no matter what she wears. We left the clinic and headed home on a rainy day.

The Chipmunk shoe insert
    Before we headed home I had to do some food shopping so we did a quick stop at Publix..and look who graduated to the front of the shopping cart. Yes..I was sooo happy, because when I go food shopping with them,  Amalia is inside her baby car seat inside the shopping cart while Ethan sits in the front. I even picked up her hair...she looks such like a young lady..


            Amalia was getting ready for her therapy session on the following day.

                                 Let's get physical!!!!

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