March 31, 2011

MOM stands for Made fOr Multitasking!

      Yesterday a friend of mine who I hold very close to my heart, Karen LaPaz, asked me a question, "How do you do it? How do you have time to blog, cook a gourmet meal, take care of two little ones under the age of two, take care of the house, husband and have time for yourself?" Well I am a mom I was created to be a multitasker.  Although there will be days that you just one to pull out your hair and days that you wonder WOW all the chores are done on my list, also it helps if you have "fun" doing the task. It is good to have a balance of what needs to be done that day and what can be done the next days. It is very important to have play time, or play dates it is a mini break from the daily routines.At times my day goes something like this. Picture a boxing ring, but instead of punching, there are many many hugs, kisses, therapy, laughter in between. In one corner there is me, MOM (the multitasker) and the other corner there are, kids, house chores, husband, dog, etc (need to be taken care for and loved). Now my laptop is in my kitchen counter which make it easier for me to write a few lines here and there in my blog, facebook or to look at other amazing blogs. I advice you all to take a look at my firiends Holly's blog: She is a sassy mom of four under the age of 7, yes people FOUR she is amazing, her children are beautiful plus her and I share something in common.

Round one: I wake up at around 7:45-8:00 ish in the morning, brush my teeth, go to the kitcken prepare my coffee maker, prepare a warm bottle of milk for Ethan and prepare Amalia's bottle. Once Ethan and Amalia have warm milk and formula in their tummy, I drink my warm cup of coffee, aaaahhh!! (this is the me time,haha).

Round two: Breakfast time: this is around 9:30-10:00 ish, menu; home made pancake, eggwhites for me and homemade banananut muffins with OJ yummy. Once we eat breakfast Ethan watched television, I do the dishes and then start thinking of Lunch and dinner menu. Amalia is relaxing in her playpen and then she goes for her first nap. I start organizing the bedrooms, bathroom, laundry. While the two bedrooms and two bathrooms are spic and span. I put a load of laundry (this is usally done on Mondays) i take Ethan a bath. After that, prepare Amalias food (sweet potato with ground turkey), because when she wakes up she is HUNGRY. (phew)!

        Round three: LUNCH time,this is around 2:00 ish, it can either be wheat pasta with chicken with alfredo sauce or just a nice sandwich of turkey ,cheese and a yogurt. After lunch we color a bit or plays cars and Ethan takes his afternoon naps, and I feed Amalia and 30mn later take her a bath. Once done with Amalia, i take a shower and watch TV for like 45 minute.

        Round four:  Ethan wakes up at 5:00 ish and then i give him a snack. Give Amalia her bottle and back to the kitchen I go to prepare dinner.

       Round five: DINNER IS SERVED, this is around 6:00ish  I am hispanic so dinner is rice, beans, steak, chicken or fish, salad, mashed potato, some frined platains and salad or sometime just a simple split pea soup with rice and some sort of protein to go with the meal with biscuits. Ask husband how was his day, and so forth. After dinner i do the dishes or just put it inside my dishwasher. If it is Monday I begin folding cloth while I watch some tv shows or anything that Ethan is watching which means, the movie TOY STORY or Nemo. Put clothes away.  

     Round six:  Around 9:00 ish give Amalia her bottle and off to bed she goes, and give Ethan his bottle and he goes to bed by 9:30-45 and spend some quality time with hubby and off to bed we go at around 11:00 and knocked out.

That was just a basic day for me. There are days where I wonder where did the time go and did not complete half of the chores that was in my list. I also want to give credit to the single DAD out there who take care of their children they are multitasker as well. If you are a parent that work write down a schedule for you that will help you, if it is easier for you to cook in the weekend for the entire week go for it. When I used to work, saturday was my cleaning days, hubby will drop off the laundry to be done while i cleaned. During the week, i will prepare the menu for the week and I will either marinade the meat the day before or went to the market and purchase the protein of the day, go home and begin cooking. While that was cooking, i normally did a "face wash" to the bathroom, fluff the pillows, spray some febreeze to my sofas and light up some candle. It is a tough job, but try to have fun with it, be creative, play some music, have some fun with it and it wont feel like chores.

Question: How do you multitask? Do you follow a weekley schedule? Do you take a day to cook for the entire week or cook daily?

I was searching around the internet for the perfect "house chore" picture and came across this one, i believe it belongs to:, at least that is what it said when I clicked on it. I just want to give credit to whom it belongs to.jijiji


 "I can do everything through him who gives strength" (Philippians 4:13)

"Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice" (Phillippian 4:4)

"For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the the field shall clap their hands." ( Isaiah 55:12)



  1. You sure are amazing girl!!

  2. Thank you but We are all amazing. God made us that way.jijijiji

  3. Hi Hidalina: I have to say I love your profile picture, it is so sweet! I admire you are able to juggle your day , I try to apply the last verse in my life !