March 30, 2011


I was not counting sheep, it was the number shown on the thermometer, Ethan broke out in fever at 2 in the morning. I went to the kitchen to get some baby Motrin, ice-pack and liquid for Ethan to drink. Like any parent we do not like to see our little one get sick, but I knew he was going to get sick. Ethan by nature sweats a lot especially when he naps, and he naps for a good three hour; however yesterday he napped for only 30 minutes and he was not sweating at all. So, he was placed on our bed, and received many kisses from mommy and told him I love him very very much. At that moment I took a time to reflect that GOD always has  a plan for us. On Sunday I was not myself, I was so so so tired that if I need to compare myself to an animal I would say I was a bear in hibernation, my eye-lid could not be kept open, so I took a nap with my boy, although I am not a napper, while daddy spend time with the princess. I napped for 3 hours, but last night i realized why, i needed to restore energy because little man was going to get sick. God plan was for me to rest on Sunday and good night sleep on Monday because Tuesday night was going to be a long night. An hour passed and a silent prayer was said and my darling Ethan fever was decresing to 99.0 YES and I know the LORD answer my prayer quickly because Ethan began sweating and I was able to sleep more comfortable knowing my boy was going to be alright. Today he woke up his normal self, jumping, singing, running and that is the Ethan I know. He is vibrant, curious, funny and loving and loves loves to give kisses. Glad you are better.

Sunday napping

This morning feeling like himself

 This question goes to any parent out there, how do you handle when your child gets a fever of 102? Do you give natural product, home remedies, bath, etc...


  "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened (Matthew 7:7-8)"


  1. I'm a fan of motrin or cloths on the head and laying on the couch...I'm old school like that..haha

  2. A tank top and shorts, a cool wet cloth over the head and lots of liquid. I'm not a fan of medicine either but when it gets too uncomfortable for them, i fold and give them the medicine to relieve them. Sofia had a fever of 104 a couple of weeks back and i had no choice but to give her the medicine, it helped alot !

  3. Thank you ladies for the advice. At time I tell myself I am reay for whenever my kids get sick but when that day comes I get "numb" is like I just want to have a magic wand and just make it go away.