October 1, 2011

Catching up!

My sincere apology for taking a six month vacation from blogging. A little brief summary of what has happen since that last time I  wrote. Amalia had eye surgery to correct her eyes from crossing, or like the medical term strabismus, result success..... until three months ago I was told she would need another one due to her right eye not only turning inward but outward as well.  Ever since she had open heart surgery she has been going to the cardiologist and so far so good, except for her last visit. Her lung pressure was mildly high, medical term called as Pulmonary Hypertension and in six weeks needs to go back for another check up. If it is still mildly high she will need to go under few more test to determine if it is a life term health issue or just temporary or seasonal. If the result becomes life term she will need to take Viagra as the medicine for life, yes Viagra. It turned out that Viagra is just not for erectile dysfunction, its for lungs too. Moving on...... She turned the big ONE on August 8, picture coming soon. Other than that she is continuing with Occupational therapy and now Physical Therapy! Woohooo!

           What about Ethan you wonder...... well he is doing good. Potty training him so far not bad. Accidents, of course but he getting there. Pediatric advice he needed speech therapy but guess what he is just not much of talker but when something interest him, he will let you know! He goes through his regression period. Wants attention exactly when I am about to feed Amalia or when shes getting therapy or just when I hold her to cuddle, he acts up by acting like an infant.

              What about me you ask........ I am doing well, on September took a nice road trip to New York City the place I call home. The road trip was awesome, because Amalia and Ethan behave wonderful, smooth ride. I was soooo thrilled to see the "Welcome to New York City" sign, and when I did it just put a smile on my face. Drove by time square showing the kids the lights and all the lively actions New York have on people. The sad thing it rain sooo soooo bad that I could not do the "New York" thing: taking the train, that i miss so much, walk around central park, visit my old job and etc. Spent time with family of course and did some important errands that needed to be done and with a blink of an eye we were back on I-95 heading south.  Other than that we are doing well. Thank You GOD for your blessing!.. Pictures coming soon. Have a blessed day!



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