May 26, 2012

Why I changed my blog name....

I changed my blog name from Music, Pray and Shining little stars to Lets Chat Over Coffee because the former name was not inspiring me to write...I could not relate to the title although I love all type of music and I do pray A LOT, and i love my two shining little stars( Ethan and Amalia) but the name was just NOT ME in full effect. I came up with the NEW name Lets Chat Over Coffee when I was chatting with my sister over the phone the other day..she was talking about how her biology final went (she is studying to be a nurse) and for some reason each time I talk with her or my awesome friends (Margaret, Karen, Julia to name a few) I am always sipping on a nice cup of coffee....Think about it guys every conversation goes well with a cup of coffee..You have a meeting or a conference call you have your cup of coffee right beside have not seen someone for such a long time and want to catch up on each other life you talk it over a cup of go to someones house they offer you a cup of come to my house you bet your bottom dollar I am going to offer a nice cup of coffee...ok.ok.ok you get my point....So grab you favorite mug fill it with your choice of delicious coffee, come on over to my blog and chat with me over coffee as I talk about life, motherhood, my kids and other great topic that will pop in my head..


  1. Love the new title!!! Its so perfect for you!