May 31, 2012

A childs creativity is priceless......

  When I was a kid I was creative...I will take my grandma's pots and pan and made it into a drum set...or took any object that resemble a microphone, sang to an audience of stuffed animals and dolls....well the other day I had to do some chores around the house and decided to let Ethan watch some television...he is either into dinosaurs or robots....I put on transformer cartoon on Netflix and after a while I came to a living room and found this.

So as per Ethan:
  The lightning McQueen tricycle plays the role of Optimus Prime
  The Lion face mobile plays the role of Bumble Bee
  The Bus face mobile plays the role of Ratchet
 The Giraffe plays the role of Ironhide
 The Piano plays the role of Jazz (Go figure,ha)...

In a voice of Optimus Prime...Autobot Rolllll out! as I sip my coffee...

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