May 30, 2012

Oh what a weekend....

  We have been watching the news Saturday night wondering to our self if we should head to a water park on Sunday since the weather man was mentioning 60 % rain the entire week; but we went to sleep and depending how the sky looked in the morning we will decide to take the trip or not. Sunday came and we woke up to a clear blue sky, did not waste any time packed towels, prepared my cooler with refreshment, fruits and snacks, prepare the kiddos, and off to Aquatica before mother nature changes her mind and turns the clear sky into a grey gloomy one.

As we arrived the water park was packed, but we had a blast...rode the lazy river, came down the kiddie slides and played with the sands a bit when the clear blue sky was not looking so clear not was showing sign of rain so we packed quickly and walked quickly out of the park and across the parking lot and as soon as we got inside the car...that is when mother nature delivered, it poured.

Ethan was not happy he was having so much fun but mother nature rained on his parade....

On our drive home, I was wondering what to cook and so forth I really wanted to do a BBQ on our new BBQ grill but with the rain how...and then i had an AHA moment... we will BBQ with the garage door open, many Floridians done it....and we will be part of that group.  So grilled some burgers, hot dog and chicken kabobs and we had a feast eating inside the garage, seeing the rain fall and after an awesome meal...sipping on a delicious cup of coffee.

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