January 5, 2013

The Magic of turning TWO!

Ever since Amalia  turned two it has been magical, she is reaching her milestone with grace. Some of the milestone she is reaching are: Tummy crawling, holding her standing posture for nine minutes, she is pivoting on her tush, she is grabbing more object and is studying shapes very carefully, she is verbal, she says, Dada, cow, duck, chicken, Si (yes), star, makes the phonics sounds of the letter "f", "e", "h","a", "c", "k" "m" and makes the coolest "oh" face!...She loves songs some of her favorite songs are: the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake- Patty Cake Bakers Man, If you are happy and you know it clap your hands, and two spanish song called "Linda Manita" (Beautiful Hands) and PonPon el dedito en el pilon. She says hi, every time she sees someone whom she feels are worth the greeting and when the phone rings she says: hi....She even takes my cell phone and says hi..I love how she is becoming more aware of her surroundings! With the magical two it also comes with TEMPER TANTRUM! Brushing her hair and teeth is like having a wrestling match. If she is not fed quick enough she has a hissy fit. She has food preference..Alfredo sauce is her favorite DO NOT give her Marinara or Meat Sauce she will spit it out and give you a not so happy face. Now with no further a do, here are some of Amalia videos enjoy.

I know with a blink of an eye she will be walking and running and I will be her biggest cheerleader in the crowd!

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