January 27, 2012

Music, Pray, and Shining Little Stars.

    In March is going to be a year that I enter the world of blogging but before that I contemplated weather to create a blog or not. I was thinking what would the title of my blog be. As I brainstorm here and there and with some help of my darling sister Yliana, we created Music, Pray and Shining Little Stars. Music plays a very important part in my life, growing up listening to music such as ballads, merengue, bachata, classical and instrumental, it made me realize that it made me feel good inside, it was therapeutic. It was not until I reached High School that I discover I can sing and my voice was considered a Soprano, WOW. I tried out for the musical plays West Side Story and earned the lead role of Maria, and the following year earned the lead role of Ms. Adelaide from Guys and Dolls, sang at the Christmas concert and even sang at my graduation. My vocal teacher at the time gave me a special piece, The Ave Maria by Bach Grunod. I felt in love with such piece. I have sang this piece at weddings, including my uncles and my own wedding. I sing it once in a while when friends and family asked me to. Therefore MUSIC, sets the mood, expresses ideas, and emotions in a harmonious and melody form. PRAY, I was raised Catholic and praying along with my faith in Christ was and still is a very important part of my life. Thanking God for everything He has blessed me with. I have two SHINING LITTLE STARS, Ethan Nathaniel and Amalia who are my shining little stars.  Shining Little Stars number one: Ethan Nathaniel Bermudez my three year old little man. He brings laughter and smiles to this family, he is truly a mommas boy. Shining little stars number two: the one and only princess Amalia, my 17month old baby girl. She was born with a magical chromosome. She bring so much love and unity to this family. Although having Down Syndrome she knows what she wants and when she wants it. Girl Power!!!

             I made a video of myself singing acapella the Ave Maria mentioned above. I do not have a professional recording device, I used my samsung android cell phone, so my pitch is quite high, so adjust your volume or base. I hope you enjoy it... I will be doing more of the singing videos or vlogs. Enjoy and God Bless!                                        

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  1. OMG i remember you sang that at out HS graduation and my Dad wouldnt stop talking about it! he'd say "I just loved that Hildaguards voice" lol